Soybean Protein Isolate Machine

Type:Soybean,Rice bran ,Cotton Seed Protein Technology
Processing Materrial:Soybean cake
Major Equipment:Extractor;Low temperature desolventizing A-B Drum

Soybean protein isolate machine use low temperature desolventized soybean meal method to obtain high soybean protein.

● Low variability soybean protein. Hongde designs soybean protein isolation production line from soybean cleaning, peeling, solvent degreasing, and low temperature desolventization to get low variability dissolved soybean meal. Low impurity soybean meal featured by high protein and low protein denaturation is applicable for soybean protein isolate production.

● Soybean protein extraction. The appropriate control of water adding, PH, temperature, extraction time will obtain high yield of soybean protein.

● Soybean protein separation. Protein isolate is obtained through alkaline extraction and acid precipitation. Extracting defatted soybean meal with alkali liquor, centrifugal separating indissoluble material in soybean meal (polysaccharides), adjusting extracted liquid PH to isoelectric point by acid precipitation. Soy protein condenses while achieving isoelectric point.

● Finished soybean protein. Soybean protein after separation is obtained after washing, neutralizing, drying, sterilization, homogenization.


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